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portable spider vein removal machine

portable spider vein removal machine

portable spider vein removal machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: NUBWAY
Certification: CE, FDA, ISO, ROHS
Model Number: NBW-V700

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Alluminium Box
Delivery Time: 3-5 Working days after payment
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,paypal
Supply Ability: 100000
Warranty:: 3 years
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Detailed Product Description
Feature:: Spider Veins Removal, Vascular, Red Blood Removal Input Voltage: 220v/50Hz; 110V/60Hz
Input Power: 150W Output Power: 0-100%±10%
Output Frequency: 30MHz Output Voltage: AC 30-150V
Treatment Of Needle Wire: 0.01mm(Diameter) Output Mode: Continuous And Pulsed Two Modes
Liquid Crystal Display: 8.4Inch Operating Mode: Touching Screen
Dimensions: 395×460×130mmg

portable spider vein removal machine 

portable spider vein removal machine



Treatment Principle 

Red blood therapy apparatus uses high frequency painless treatment, transmitting the released energy to the under-surface of skin, removing the blood capillaries with pathological changes and breaking the hemoglobin into pieces. These hemoglobin pieces then will become small molecular group that could be absorbed by tissues. 

Due to skin’s repair and regeneration,after being absorbed by tissues, the holding space of shattered hemoglobin and blood capillaries will be covered by the new skin tissues. So, it never rebound during the lifetime, if treating red blood with this technology.

Hemoglobin has a oxygen-carrying function,which makes blood capillaries looks red. After  Hemoglobin is broke into pieces, oxygen molecules will be released, and then the redness of the shattered blood capillaries fades in an instant.So, the patients can see red blood removing immediately when receiving treatment. Since blood capillaries have trunks and branches, when doing treatments, the beauticians should start from the tiny capillary branches, and then move to capillary trunks so as to cure red blood radically and thoroughly.

portable spider vein removal machine


What is red blood? 


Red blood is a kind of facial phenomenon, caused by facial capillaries expansion or the shallow position of some facial capillaries. The patient with facial red blood generally has a redder skin. It is always called red plateau, red face or rotten apple face. Some just have a redness on both zygomatic skin with a circular boundary and a general linear distribution. This skin is thin and sensitive. Over cooling, over heating or emotional will make a redder face. For severe cases, sedimentary pigmentation will be formed. It is hard to cure and not only affects beautiful appearance but also causes psychological shadow, bringing great inconvenience to normal life. 


portable spider vein removal machine




Input voltage                                                          220v/50Hz; 110V/60Hz                              
Input power  150W
Output power 0-100%±10%
Output frequency 30MHz
Output voltage AC 30-150V
Treatment of needle wire 0.01mm(Diameter)
Output mode Continuous and pulsed two modes
Liquid crystal display 8.4Inch
Operating mode Touching screen
Dimensions 395×460×130mmg


portable spider vein removal machine


portable spider vein removal machine


portable spider vein removal machine


portable spider vein removal machine


Customer Q& A


1. Can redness be removed at once?

Yes. You can see bloodshot disappear on the spot of the first time removal. In order to repaired skin quickly, we can appropriately take graded treatment according to the bloodshot distribution area.

2. The difference between NBW-V600 and other redness removal instrument?

The NBW-V600 has CE-certified, it is painless treatment which can make bloodshot instantly disappear, and never rebound. Other methods maybe painful, and the effect is neither significant nor complete.

3. Will there be trauma after treatment? Will it leaves a scar?

Almost no wound, the speckle is thinner than a human hair and can be repaired within 3 days. It won’t leave a scar or marks after treatment.

4. For how long can it be kept after treatment? Will it rebound?

It will not relapse after treatment, no recurrence in the rest of life.


5 What do we need to pay attention to after treatment?

Spicy food, sea food, smoking and drinking are taboos. Washing face, taking bath and applying cosmetics are not allowed. It is better to use special repairing liquid provided by the company.


6 Can all kinds of blood threads be cured?

Yes. Spider veins, linear or silk veins, genetic and acquired; flat or bump cherry vascular tumors are not a problem. Regardless of the depth, position and condition of your red blood veins, our equipment can lift you up.


7 Is the treatment painful? Does the redness will occur?

The pain is hardly felt. A slight redness will appear, but disappear quickly.  It will not affect your normal life and work.


8 How long does the treatment take?

Treatment time varies with the area of red blood veins. Generally it will need 5-15 minutes.


9 Is the treatment received in any season acceptable?

Treating red blood veins has nothing with seasons.  It can be done in any season. 


portable spider vein removal machine


portable spider vein removal machine

portable spider vein removal machine

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Tel: 0086-10-5120-6522

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